Blue City ~ by Nalina Kaufman
Est. 2017

Nalina grew up in south Mississippi, close and in tune with the land, amongst magical oak trees, in a family of artists and antique collectors. Eastern spirituality ran thru the veins of her home, grounded in Eastern practice, and artistic expression.

Art & beauty were always Nalina’s way of life and what came most natural to her spirit. As a young adult, she found herself studying dance in India and soaking up all of the ancient arts that India had to offer. The unique textiles, vivid colors & artisan clothing of India became a love of hers and what lead her to create Blue City.

“When I first fell in love with block printed cotton, I immediately started creating my own clothing, just for fun, as I was so incredibly inspired by the fabric and the joy it brought me.” That very feeling is what lead her to eventually create her brand to share with others; the beauty, tradition and earthy nature that embodies Blue City.

After her dance studies, Nalina relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as a performance and visual artist. “Photography, styling and art direction started to manifest in my life and I became enamored with this avenue of art,” shares Nalina, about her journey.

Shortly after, Nalina was inspired to create her own clothing line, Blue City, using the fabrics & textiles that she loved the most, from the land that stole her heart. Each textile used for her designs are the traditional block printing method - from the mystical desert region of Rajasthan.

 As Blue City continued to evolve, Nalina included her love for all things vintage, nostalgic and moody. "I love old things, things that make you feel, wonder and create. The detail and craftsmanship in vintage wear is unmatched and ever inspiring. Working with both block printed textiles + vintage treasures is the perfect marriage. A feast for my eyes."

“Blue City is my own little world of beauty that I love sharing with all of you. My aesthetic is inspired by a combination of Mother Nature, Magic, Femininity, Mystical India, 60’s Flower Children, Ancient Dance, Pre-Raphaelite Paintings, and a touch of Wild West Romance. All elements that reflect who I am as a designer & woman.”

”I am so deeply grateful to be able to share art, beauty, design and unique imagery with the world, in a way that is personal and meaningful to me."


Nalina Kaufman

Blue City Owner, Designer + Photographer